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Our Kings

Zorro of Barvinok - Imp. UKR

Zorro is Black Mackerel Tabby & White, he is a well balanced boy that fits the standard of the Siberian Cat. He has strength and substance but Zorro still has a lot more growing and maturing to do. 


He gets complimented whenever he is shown on how lovely it is to handle a cat that is happy to be at the show. He purrs and sits on the table while the judge handles him.


He has done well in his first year of showing winning Best in Shows, Supreme Longhair Exhibit and features in top 5 places on a regular basis. He is a joy to handle

Zorro Stud
Baby Zorro of Barvinok
Zorro of Barvinok
Zorro of Barvinok
Zorro of Barvinok
Rebus Angara - Father
Margo Serenity (Mother)
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