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Description of a Siberian

The Siberian is a medium to large cat that can take up to 5 years to reach full maturity.

The overall appearance is of excellent physical condition, strength, power and alertness, modified by a sweet expression. The general impression of the body is one of circles and roundness . Females are considerably smaller than males. Their coat is semi-longhair, very dense and come in many different colours. Their eyes vary in colour from gold to green.

They can be shy when you first get them but it doesn’t take long for them to become your best friend. They want to be with you, follow you everywhere you go. I see this every day with couple of the Siberians follow Peter to the bathroom, sit at the door waiting for him outside. Our stud boy Zorro sits out on the back deck following him everywhere calling out to him.

They get along very well with other Siberian cats that have been introduced into the house. My Birman and Siberian cats play together without any issues.

They are Hypo-Allergenic

People that have allergies to cats have been known to not show the same symptoms when they come in contact with a Siberian. Most but not all cat allergies are caused by the FelD1 allergen, transferred form a cat’s saliva, onto the coat when they wash themselves, flakes of which become airborne causing irritation. It has shown through research that Siberian Cats’ fur contains less FelD1 than other breeds.  People however can still respond differently.


If you suffer from allergies it is important that you have an allergy test, or visit a breeder or another person that has a Siberian and sit with their adult cats for a period of time. Sometimes there may not be a breeder or a pet person that you can visit so we are happy to send some cat fur to you to see if it may give an indication to whether there is a reaction to the fur.

It is best when visiting  the home that there are no other cats of a different breed in the household as you won’t get a true reaction to the Siberian you are handling.

Coat & Colours

Babuschka Siberians only breed the Traditional Siberian. Our cats on NON CP (colour point) carriers.  The Siberian cats come in a variety of colours possibilities and all these colours are available in patterns of tabby, solid and tortoiseshell.

Siberians have three types of fur. These three layers help protect the cat from the harsh weather conditions and as a result is a hardy, easy to care for coat. The fur is textured and should be glossy.


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