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Babuschka Breeder

Carol Cootes

Welcome to the website of Babuschka Siberians. My name is Carol and my husband, Peter and I only breed the Traditional Siberians in Canberra Australia. The breeders of the Traditional Siberians are working together to have our cats DNA tested to be NON CP (colour point) carriers.  


My first breeding cats were Birmans. I started breeding them in 1990 under Bindura Birman and I am still breeding them today. I have bred many supreme exhibits in show when I have attended shows in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra with my Birmans.


I first saw the Siberian while staying with Marie Mahoney of Miakoschka Siberians.   I fell in love with them and thought one day I might venture into breeding them.

In 2014 I purchased my first breeding girl Miakoschka Arina. She is a Black Mackerel Tortie Tabby. With Marie’s help we decided to look at a boy to expand our gene pool. Marie sent me a photo of a beautiful Black Mackerel Tabby & White boy from Ukraine. 

I made contact with Irina Petrenko of Barvinok Siberians and she agreed to send the boy to Australia. His name is Zorro of Barvinok and he came with his sister Zolotka who stayed with Marie. I picked him up from Melbourne Quarantine on the 4th July 2015 and he has turned out to be the most affectionate and best natured boy I could have asked for.

The Babuschka prefix had their first breeding queen and stud boy to start our journey into Siberian cats. Our thanks to Marie Mahoney and Irina Petrenko for our foundation cats.

Our first litter of Babuschka Siberians were born in September 2015. It was interesting to see how they developed and were much more independent than my Birman kittens. The kittens all went to wonderful homes.

The litters that we have had so far with Zorro and Rani have produced quality show standard cats with superb temperaments, as well as the pets that have gone to their pet homes.

We are registered with CCI which is affiliated with CCCA. I am an executive committee member of CCI.

If you are interested in ordering a cat for showing, or as a pet please contact us.

Carol Cootes

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