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When you take your Siberian kitten home you will be given a fact sheet detailing what the kitten has been given as well as samples of the wet and dry food. We advise to follow these instructions so as not to have the kitten develop an upset tummy with any immediate change to their diet. This can be very distressing to the kitten and to the owner.

We recommend that you use good quality dry food, one that the kitten has been used to. There is additional information on the fact sheet for you to read once you are home.


We sometimes can have a waiting list due to the demand for our Siberian kittens, as a result to keep people that are committed to securing a kitten a  $100 non-refundable deposit.  Once you decide on a kitten, a $300 holding deposit is required.  This will be taken off the balance when the kitten is picked up.

Kitten Care

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